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4 October 2016 : Robert Alstead

The Vancouver International Film Festival picked a good time to host an industry event on Virtual Reality today. With characteristic fanfare, Google just unveiled a budget VR headset and controller, Daydream View. Daydream is Google’s virtual reality platform, coming next month.

10 October 2015 : Robert Alstead

As broadcast and cable television series have proliferated we’ve seen a massive growth in the dramatic web series.

9 October 2015 : Robert Alstead

It’s both an exciting and scary time for content creators, no more so than in the field of the television series. In 2015, there are 400 original scripted series on television. How do you break through the noise to secure funding, and make a success for your show?

2 October 2015 : Robert Alstead

The seismic shifts that the internet is bringing about in the entertainment and media industry continued to concentrate minds on the second day of VIFF Industry.

30 September 2015 : Robert Alstead

How do you get your content “discovered”? This was the big question of the first day of VIFF Industry the 4-day adjunct event that runs alongside Western Canada’s main film festival, the Vancouver International Film Festival.

16 October 2014 : Robert Alstead

The second session of the final day at VIFF Industry was a one-on-one with fortysomething director Jay Duplass. Duplass gave a refreshingly candid account of the highs and lows in his career as he transitioned from no-budget films to big budget Hollywood productions.

16 October 2014 : Robert Alstead

The final day of VIFF Industry - the industry event of the Vancouver International Film Festival - focused as in previous years on indie film and programme making.

4 October 2014 : Robert Alstead

The second panel at this year’s VIFF Industry, the adjunct industry event of the Vancouver International Film Festival, focussed on distribution - both digital and theatrical.

3 October 2014 : Robert Alstead

If you’re crowdfunding your film primarily to raise money then you’ve probably got your priorities wrong.

9 May 2014 : Robert Alstead

This is the promo video for a project that I'm getting close to finishing.

2 June 2013 : Robert Alstead

When, on the night of Tuesday 14th May, the results came in for the 2013 election in British Columbia in Canada, it marked the end of what seemed like a very long journey for me.

11 May 2011 : Robert Alstead

Betting firm Paddy Power have reported strong support for ‘The Tree of Life’ to win this year’s Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival.