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21 February 2006 : Robert Alstead

One way of getting a message over or documenting an important event is to make a videolog.

13 February 2006 : Matthew Arnoldi

With a 24-page, bare bones script and untrained child actors drawn from the Irish Travelling community, director Perry Ogden managed to create an authentic and memorable drama in Pavee Lackeen.

8 February 2006 : A Gent

Chiwetel Ejiofor did not slip easily into his crossdressing role in Kinky Boots, but by the time he hit Soho night spots he felt just like one of the other transvestites.

21 January 2006 : Robert Alstead

As DVD projection costs come down, filmmakers are finding it more easy to connect directly with their core audience.

17 January 2006 : Robert Alstead

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association votes Brokeback Mountain Best Film.

11 January 2006 : Robert Alstead

Downloading video online was big in 2005. In 2006 it will get huge, as more television and film becomes available to download and the major web players compete to host your clips.

11 January 2006 : Robert Alstead

Digital Rights Management for the masses is a great initiative, but buyer be aware that you can sometimes get those clips legitimately for free.

9 January 2006 : Robert Alstead

HD machines and the first hi-def movie releases are announced, but who wants to be part of a VHS vs. Betamax rerun?

6 January 2006 : Robert Alstead

Who was on form in 2005? Fourteen iofilm reviewers offer divergent views on the best and worst from movieland last year.

20 December 2005 : Robert Alstead

Passions have been running high over plans to convert the historic auditorium of Edinburgh Cameo Cinema One.

9 December 2005 : Matthew Arnoldi

Sergio Machado's debut feature Lower City gets down and dirty in Brazil.

24 November 2005 : Robert Alstead

When documentary ScaredSacared failed to find a theatrical distributor, producer Cari Green and director Velcrow Ripper took it on the road themselves.