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23 November 2007 : Matthew Arnoldi

Director Kasi Lemmons on Talk To Me, the story of Sixties activist radio DJ Ralph Waldo Greene, played by Don Cheadle.

9 November 2007 : Andy Marken

When it comes to saving stuff, Flash memory is fast, reliable, and convenient. You can carry it in a pocket. It uses minimal energy. Is domination of the storage universe a possibility?

8 November 2007 : Matthew Arnoldi

Record attendance figures for one of the world's biggest film festivals.

13 October 2007 : Robert Alstead

Iranian animated feature, eco-docs from around the world, and local trans-sexual's autobio are voted most popular at VIFF 2007

12 October 2007 : Matthew Arnoldi

Whether it's political critique, the hottest Hollywood fare, or just a date movie, these are some of the highlights of the London International Film Festival (17 October to 1 November).

26 September 2007 : Robert Alstead

Western Canada's film industry gets down to business.

8 September 2007 : A Gent

Director David Schwimmer and stars Simon Pegg and Thandie Newton, on London marathon comedy Run, Fatboy, Run

8 September 2007 : Matthew Arnoldi

In spite of her box office appeal, it was far from plain sailing for Julie Delpy to get her first directorial feature Two Days In Paris to the big screen.

13 August 2007 : Robert Alstead

Adobe takes video editing to the next level with a new suite of professional tools for both Mac and PC users.

8 May 2007 : A Gent

Writer-director Ryan Fleck and his partner, writer-producer Anna Boden, had quite modest ambitions for their feature debut Half Nelson. They made a short film of the material to attract investment, only for it to win the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival in 2004. A feature followed...

26 February 2007 : Robert Alstead

It's been a long wait for Martin Scorsese, but with The Departed the New York director finally has a little gold man for his mantlepiece.

19 February 2007 : Andy Marken

Steve Jobs recent pronouncement that DRM isn't working and should be dropped from electronic sales of music, confirmed what many downloaders already knew. So is the industry going to continue to push DRM on consumers? And what's the future of DRM for video downloads?