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Top 20 Scottish films
Richard Mowe, curator of film at the National Museum of
Scotland, selects his top twenty Scottish films.

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Seaward the Great Ships (1961)
Dir. Hilary Harris
Based on a treatment by John Grierson, this documentary about Glasgow’s seafaring tradition, directed by New Yorker Hilary Harris, won Scotland its first Oscar for best short film (live action) in 1961.

Silent Scream (1990)
Dir. David Hayman
The true story of Larry Winters, a Scot sentenced to life for the killing of a Soho barman, which gets under his skin and inside a mind scrambled by drugs. Won Iain Glen a best actor award at the Berlin Film Festival.

Small FacesSmall Faces (1995)
Dir. Gillies MacKinnon
This rites of passage journey, set in 1968 Glasgow, directed by Gillies MacKinnon and co-written by his brother Billy, follows three brothers (JS Duffy, Joseph McFadden and Iain Robertson) as they make decisions about where their loyalties and ambitions lie in between relationships, peer pressure and tribal warfare. MacKinnon always has been regarded as a masterful director of actors, and none more so than here. His portrait is uncompromising, honest, and above all invested with a questing intelligence.

The Spy in Black
Dir: Emeric Pressburger and Michael Powell
The first collaboration from the legendary tandem of Pressburger and Powell -- a spy melodrama set in Orkney and featuring Conrad Veidt as a naval captain trying to make contact with a German agent. Valerie Hobson shimmers her way into the equation as the femme fatale.

Stella does tricksStella Does Tricks
Dir. Coke Giedroye
A tough and gritty exploration of a girl drawn into prostitution in London to escape her Glaswegian background. Written by acclaimed author A L Kennedy, the script provocatively plays with the humour and tragedy of the situation. Kelly McDonald confirms her position as one of Scotland’s brightest acting talents.

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