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Lancelot du Lac film review. Rating: 2/5. Lancelot of the Lake

Director Robert Bresson
Stars Luc Simon, Laura Duke-Condominas, Humbert Balsan, Vladimir Antolek-Oresek, Patrick Bernhard, Arthur de Montalembert
Certificate n/a
Running time 95 mins
France 1974

Robert Bresson retrospective

BRESSON'S desire for naturalism falls down when it comes to the performance. He prefers non-actors. The result, as demonstrated here, can be risible.

King Arthur's knights clink and clang their way through at hot summer's filming in full armour, even indoors, and look, frankly, absurd. Lancelot and Guinevere's passion comes across as cold water over grey slate. The story is confused. The round tablers suspect that Lance-the-Lad is having a bit on the side with Queeny and don't approve. They fancy her themselves.

There is much clanking around the castle and galloping through woods with helmets down. A jousting tournament takes place, at which a mysterious knight-in-white (guess who?) knocks everyone flat before retiring wounded into the forest.

Arthur makes no appearance. His boys have long unwashed hair in the style of itinerant folk singers. Lance looks like a butcher who failed the written exam. An old peasant woman tells him, "You are stupid and will never understand anything." Wise words.

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