Jennifer Aniston interview
Jennifer Aniston, star of Along Came Polly, reflects on her path into comedy..

Gibson Defends His Passion
The Passion of Christ has attracted a storm of criticism - unfairly so, says its director Mel Gibson.

Charlize Theron Turns Ugly
Charlize Theron has proved that she is more than just eye-candy in her new role as a lesbian serial-killer.

Keisha Castle-Hughes
Interview with youngest ever nominee for best female actor Oscar.

Julia Roberts Sets Limits
Actress says no to Cock, yes to romance, but first you’ll see her in women’s lib drama Mona Lisa Smile.

Jack Is Ready To Quit The Game
Jack Nicholson in new comedy as ageing playboy: art imitating life, or not?

Uma Thurman on Balance
Star of John Woo’s Paycheck and Tarantino’s Kill Bill accepts life is give and take.

Ben Affleck interview
Affleck thinks Gigli was "a big gigantic bomb" (who didn’t?) but says John Woo’s Paycheck delivers the goods.

Interview with Potter director Mike Newell
Director Mike Newell’s recent projects are schools apart and that’s just the way he likes it, thank-you.

Glad to have been "Randy Gandy"
but Ian McKellen will miss Rings' "gaggle of beauties".

Peter Jackson interview
Ring master has mixed feelings as he takes a bow.

How Liv Connected with Elvish
Liv Tyler reflects on the experience of filming the Rings trilogy.

Cher Stuck on Herself
The evergreen singer-actress parodies self in Siamese twin comedy.

Father & Son Caught Stars
Exhibition by Leicester Square Odeon photographers.

Ewan McGregor - Big Fish Across The Pond
His manhood may have been snipped, but Ewan is still big over the watter.

Cruise Control
Tom Cruise discovers his inner Samurai.


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