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27 September 2005 : Matthew Arnoldi

Picking through the 49th London Film Festival.

20 September 2005 : Robert Alstead

Lawrence of Arabia editor Anne Coates and Sideways editor Kevin Tent share insights into their work.

16 September 2005 : A Gent

Q&A with German director of Downfall, Oliver Hirschbiegel in anticipation of the DVD release of his harrowing account of Hitler’s last days in the Berlin bunker.

9 September 2005 : Robert Alstead

Neil LaBute and Catherine Hardwicke among guests at 4-day industry get-together.

8 September 2005 : Robert Alstead

Western Canadian filmmakers to the fore at VIFF 2005; fewer films in Dragons and Tigers line-up.

8 September 2005 : Robert Alstead

Purpose-built cinema centre marks dawn of new era for Vancouver International Film Festival.

6 September 2005 : John Millar

With the DVD release of The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, Bill Nighy, who plays planetary architect Startibartfast, muses on how he would modify this planet.

31 August 2005 : A Gent

Q&A with the star of gangster movie The Business

25 July 2005 : Robert Alstead

It's easier than ever to make a film, which is why you need all the help you can in the competition for funding and distribution.

11 July 2005 : Brian Pendreigh

Shauna Macdonald might seem an unlikely action heroine for Brit horror flick The Descent.

5 July 2005 : Robert Alstead

How does the "pro" video editing software shape up?

5 July 2005 : Robert Alstead

Organising and editing footage in Premiere Pro.