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25 November 2004 : Matthew Arnoldi

Spanish writer-director Iciar Bollain talks about her award-winning film Take My Eyes

12 November 2004 : Matthew Arnoldi

A look back at the 2004 London Film Festival.

9 November 2004 : Adele Hartley

It's a horror movie... so why do they do that?

28 October 2004 : Joanne Laurier ...

A socialist perspective of the documentary The Corporation.

14 October 2004 : Robert Alstead

Salam Pax had no filmmaking experience when he started his video blogs from Iraq. It didn't matter.

7 October 2004 : Robert Alstead

Time is running out to get the French Fahrenheit 9/11 on air.

28 September 2004 : Robert Alstead

Culture versus commerce debate clouds encouraging growth figures for Canada's film industry.

27 September 2004 : Matthew Arnoldi

Mike Leigh's Vera Drake to open London Film Festival.

21 September 2004 : Brian Pendreigh

Ex-film festival director Lizzie Francke explains how she ended up helming an outfit producing horror films.

21 September 2004 : Brian Pendreigh

Finding Neverland, starring Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet, stirs debate about nature of troubled author JM Barrie.

18 September 2004 : Brian Pendreigh

Atta Yaqub, the previously unknown leading man in Ken Loach's sexy romance Ae Fond Kiss, flirts with fame.

17 September 2004 : Brian Pendreigh

Gangster No.1 and Wicker Park director is virtually unknown in his native Scotland.