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24 August 2004 : Douglas Bell

An intro to festival networking.

23 August 2004 : Douglas Bell

Edinburgh's fringe film festival

22 August 2004 : Douglas Bell

Learning to be a pro at fest workshops.

21 August 2004 : Douglas Bell

Ooh, Colin Firth!

20 August 2004 : Douglas Bell

Super Size Me is extra-large hit and the director, super nice.

19 August 2004 : Douglas Bell

Director is elusive at opening night film, The Motorcycle Diaries.

18 August 2004 : Robert Alstead

The Edinburgh Film Festival offers unique, first-hand insights into filmmaking

17 August 2004 : Robert Alstead

Plenty of treats in store with typically diverse EIFF programme.

16 August 2004 : Paul Fischer

Star Wars babe Natalie Portman changes gears for kooky drama.

9 August 2004 : Paul Fischer

Hellboy is another comicstrip invention, but Ron Perlman gives him zest.

2 August 2004 : Paul Fischer

King Kong star Naomi Watts was too busy for a starring role in We Don’t Live Here Anymore until she was offered the producer's role

23 July 2004 : Paul Fischer

Irish actor Colin Farrell on Alexander and A Home at the End of the World.