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8 June 2004 : Paul Fischer

Fantasy epic The Chronicles of Riddick is the culmination of a long-term ambition says confessed Dungeons and Dragons fan Vin Diesel.

2 June 2004 : Robert Alstead

Adobe Video Collection 2.5 comes at a price, but has plenty to whet the appetite of serious film and videomakers

1 June 2004 : John Millar

Amy Smart says she enjoyed getting into the guy-centric, Seventies vibe for Starsky and Hutch remake.

1 June 2004 : Paul Fischer

Big Robbie Coltrane is up for all Potter films even though he still thinks kids are “smelly, selfish, squealing, little bratsâ€.

28 May 2004 : Paul Fischer

Harry Potter stars Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson are growing up fast.

24 May 2004 : Robert Alstead

Even before the start of Cannes Film Festival it was clear that Fahrenheit 9/11 promised fireworks.

21 May 2004 : Paul Fischer

Q&A: Hollywood life may be a bitch at times, but Rupert Everett can still laugh at the up-and-down life of an actor

19 May 2004 : Robert Alstead

DVDs are a great way to distribute your finished film, but be wary of gathering your footage with DVD camcorders

11 May 2004 : Robert Alstead

Just because you can make your film on miniDV doesn't mean you should.A statistic recently caught my attention. The 2004 Cannes Film Festival (12-23 May) received 3562 film submissions, an increase of 42.5% on the previous year.

9 May 2004 : Paul Fischer

A Slipping Down Life, about a shy woman hung up on a smalltime musician, was made five years ago. Guy Pearce explains why it took so long to see the light of day.

5 May 2004 : Robert Alstead

The BBC offers some handy reference guides for budding DV filmmakers and journalists

3 May 2004 : Paul Fischer

Following a two-year absence from the screen, Brad Pitt is back with a vengeance with his starring role in the epic adventure Troy.