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22 March 2004 : Paul Fischer

Selma Blair on playing Hellboy's pyrokinetic love-interest and a big-busted nympho in John Waters' A Dirty Shame

16 March 2004 : Paul Fischer

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, close friends off-screen, on playing initially unwilling partners in the Seventies-set action spoof of TV cop series Starsky and Hutch.

16 March 2004 : Robert Alstead

Even when shopping for a low-end video camera, there are certain features that you should look for.

10 March 2004 : Robert Alstead

A Hollywood feature film and a DV documentary are at opposite ends of the budget spectrum, but were edited with the same software.

2 March 2004 : Robert Alstead

Oscar-winning editor Walter Murch's In The Blink Of An Eye provides a stimulating read on the practice, theory and future of editing feature film for veteran and new editors alike, even some years since its publication date

22 February 2004 : Paul Fischer

Jennifer Aniston, star of Along Came Polly, reflects on her path into comedy.

22 February 2004 : Paul Fischer

Jim Caviezel says he had to undergo some fairly extreme physical pain as Mel Gibson's Son of God

17 February 2004 : Robert Alstead

Adobe’s Colin Smith offers advice on getting the most out of Adobe Premiere Pro

16 February 2004 : Robert Alstead

But "Master" commands a strong second place at BAFTA 2004

13 February 2004 : Paul Fischer

Mel Gibson says that he never intended The Passion of The Christ to be anything more than a "tiny low-budget film" where he would "preach to a few christians". Instead, the film has attracted a storm of criticism even before its release - unfairly so, says its director.

10 February 2004 : Robert Alstead

A little bit of thought and a small outlay on sound equipment can improve the look of your film

9 February 2004 : Paul Fischer

In Monster Charlize Theron has proved that she is more than just eye-candy