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18 November 2003 : Paul Fischer

Tom Cruise talks about discovering his inner Samurai with Paul Fischer

8 July 2003 : Paul Fischer

Shooting The Hulk was an exhausting, learning experience for Taiwanese director Ang Lee which by the end left him sick of the colour green.

20 June 2003 : Paul Fischer

Harrison Ford hangs with the hip hop crowd in comedy Hollywood Homicide. Paul Fischer talks to the sixtysomething Eminem fan.

20 June 2003 : Paul Fischer

Michael Moore, the burly corporation-basher from Flint, Michigan is back and madder than ever on the subject of gun control in award-winning documentary Bowling For Columbine. He tells Paul Fischer.

20 June 2003 : Brian Pendreigh

A tale of a group of soldiers doing battle with wild dogs in the Scottish highlands could be the best British horror in years. Brian Pendreigh meets the director and star.

18 September 2002 : Brian Pendreigh

Alan Sharp, the man who wrote the scripts for Rob Roy, the recently rereleased The Hired Hand and a new film about Scotland's national bard, Rabbie Burns, calls his work "pastiche".