Edinburgh International Film Festival

Edinburgh Film Festival Daily Diary
Sunday 18 August 2002

Grin up North
  Once Upon A Time In Edinburgh: Top Robert Carlyle with Shirley Henderson. Middle director Shane Meadows flanked by Carlyle and Henderson (right), Finn Atkins and Rhys Evans (left). Bottom Rhys Evans has plenty to smile about.
  Photos: Simon Hollington

Today saw the UK premiere of Shane Meadows' Once Upon A Time In The Midlands at the UGC Cinema in Fountainbridge.

Joining Meadows were stars of the film Robert Carlyle, Rhys Evans, Shirley Henderson and young Finn Atkins (apparently who puts in a brilliant performance).

There were smiles all-round, which is not surprising when you realise that the film is already getting great reviews (read The Wolf's review) and some are saying could be "the next Full Monty".

The film is also considered a front-runner for the coveted audience award for "the most popular film of the festival".

Latest counts suggest it's running neck-in-neck with Mike Leigh's characteristically bitter-sweet, All Or Nothing.

Last year's most popular film award went to Amelie.

Read The Wolf's review of Once Upon A Time In The Midlands