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9 October 2004

The Vancouver International Film Festival award winners were announced at the festival's final screening, Comme Une Image (Look At Me), on Friday 8 October.

* The AGF People's Choice Award for Most Popular International Film (popular vote, no cash prize)
Winner: Andrés Wood, for MACHUCA (Chile).

* The Federal Express Award for Most Popular Canadian Film (popular vote, no cash prize)
Co-Winners: François Prévost and Hugo Latulippe for WHAT REMAINS OF US (Quebec), and Leanne Allison and Diana Wilson for BEING CARIBOU (British Columbia).

Runners-up are: PETER RAYMONT for SHAKE HANDS WITH THE DEVIL: THE JOURNEY OF ROMEO DALLAIRE (Ontario); Bill Marchant for EVERYONE (British Columbia); and VELCROW RIPPER for SCAREDSACRED (British Columbia) .

* The Citytv Western Canada Feature Film Award (for Best Feature Film from Western Canada) - award and $12,000 from Citytv.
Winner: GARY YATES for SEVEN TIMES LUCKY (Manitoba). "For its economy of cinematic language, consistency of tone and commitment to entertain".

* The Keystone Award (for Best Young Western Canadian Director of a Short Film) - award with $5,000 cash prize sponsored by International Keystone Entertainment.
Winner: JENNIFER CALVERT for RIVERBURN (British Columbia). "For its surehanded treatment of the familiar themes of adolescent alienation and sexual awakening". Special mention is given for the excellence of the two animated entries, Steven K.L. Olson's JUDAS' PANE, and Jason White's OF BURNING HILLS.
Jury: John Griffin, Montreal Gazette; Vincent Le Leurch, Le Film Francaise; Helen Loveridge, Seattle International Film Festival.

* The National Film Board Award for Best Documentary Feature
Winner: JESSICA YU for IN THE REALMS OF THE UNREAL (USA). "For its empathetic and innovative portrayal of a complex and problematic artist in a way that illuminates the convergence of his life and work."
Jury: John Anderson, Newsday film critic; Karen Cooper, director of Film Forum in New York; Rob Nelson, film editor, City Pages, Minneapolis, and programmer, City Pages Documentary Film Festival.

* The Women in Film and Video Vancouver Artistic Merit Award
Winner: JOELY COLLINS for THE LOVE CRIMES OF GILLIAN GUESS (British Columbia). For her outstanding performance.

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