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TV Viewing Without The TV Set

HDTV has bought the television industry some more time, but the growth of Internet video means its business model looks shaky.

ADS Tech Pyro A/V Link With Adobe Elements 2.0 Review

Inexpensive analogue to DV converter allows digitising of old videotapes and analogue media.

High Definition On The Rise

As HD takes hold, content creators are looking to future-proof their projects.

Miglia's Director's Cut Take 2 review

Looking to bridge the analogue to digital, or NTSC to PAL divides? Miglia's Director's Cut Take 2 may help.

DVD-Cams: Convenience At A Price

DVDs are a great way to distribute your finished film, but be wary of gathering your footage with DVD camcorders

That Old MiniDV Chestnut

Just because you can make your film on miniDV doesn't mean you should.A statistic recently caught my attention. The 2004 Cannes Film Festival (12-23 May) received 3562 film submissions, an increase of 42.5% on the previous year.

Learning DV With Auntie

The BBC offers some handy reference guides for budding DV filmmakers and journalists

Buying A Budget Video Camera

Even when shopping for a low-end video camera, there are certain features that you should look for.