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TV Viewing Without The TV Set

HDTV has bought the television industry some more time, but the growth of Internet video means its business model looks shaky.

Vancouver Film Festival Trade Forum Preview

Western Canada's film industry gets down to business.

First view of Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium

Adobe takes video editing to the next level with a new suite of professional tools for both Mac and PC users.

Review: Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 and Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 bundle

The latest version of home video software editor Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 returns the stop motion capture feature much beloved by animators.

Kevin Macdonald on the Last King of Scotland

Oscar-winner Kevin Macdonald on making The Last King of Scotland, the first feature film completely shot in Uganda and the opener at the London Film Festival.

No Secrets To Good Film Directing

Sarah Polley, Beau Bridges, and Sook-Yin Lee on the actor-director relationship at Vancouver Film and Television Forum.

VIFF Trade Forum Focuses on Content

Vancouver's Film and Television Trade Forum promises schmoozing and industry insights.

ADS Tech Pyro A/V Link With Adobe Elements 2.0 Review

Inexpensive analogue to DV converter allows digitising of old videotapes and analogue media.

Archive clips - Mike Figgis on Liebestraum and Isle of Iona

Mike Figgis talks about the preview of Liebestraum and a short clip shot on the small Scottish isle of Iona Both of these clips are many years old and were only recently digitised to help illustrate my review of ADS Tech's Pyro Link, an analogue video to DV convertor.

Stock Market Technician Sees Growing Appetite For Horror Movies

How are a medieval mathematician, the petals on a daisy, and the length of women's skirts related to scarier frighteners at the box office?In the last few years, we have entered a fertile era for horror movies.