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Google Video Review: Streaming Video Off The Big G

Google says you can upload your video to its web site for free, so is there a cost and where is it?

Being There With A Videolog

One way of getting a message over or documenting an important event is to make a videolog.

Roll Your Own Docs

As DVD projection costs come down, filmmakers are finding it more easy to connect directly with their core audience.

Pay And Get-Paid Video Downloads For the Masses

Downloading video online was big in 2005. In 2006 it will get huge, as more television and film becomes available to download and the major web players compete to host your clips.

DRM vs.Open

Digital Rights Management for the masses is a great initiative, but buyer be aware that you can sometimes get those clips legitimately for free.

Rival HD Formats Stake Claim To Be DVD Successor

HD machines and the first hi-def movie releases are announced, but who wants to be part of a VHS vs. Betamax rerun?

Historic Cinema's Future In Digital Age Uncertain

Passions have been running high over plans to convert the historic auditorium of Edinburgh Cameo Cinema One.

Self-distribution case study - ScaredSacred

When documentary ScaredSacared failed to find a theatrical distributor, producer Cari Green and director Velcrow Ripper took it on the road themselves.

Rethinking Film Distribution

Distribution consultant Peter Broderick says filmmakers should consider new strategies for distributing their films to avoid future disappointment.This is the last in a series of articles that came out of the Vancouver International Film Festival Trade Forum that ended last month.

Adobe Elements Bundle: Powerful And Friendly Editing

A review of Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 and Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0.