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Mid-August Lunch

By Matthew Arnoldi - Posted on 15 August 2009

Gianni Di Gregorio
Gianni Di Gregorio, Simone Riccardini
Gianni Di Gregorio Valeria De Franciscis Marina Cacciotti Maria Cali Grazia Cesarini Siorza Luigi Marchetti
Running time: 
U.K. Release Date: 
14 August 2009
UK Certificate: 

Mid-August Lunch is a memorable mouthwatering gem of a film about a middle-aged man Gianni who looks after his ageing widowed mother in an old house in Rome. Fairly strapped for cash, Gianni accepts the enticement of the manager of the apartments in which he lives, to care for the manager's mother for two days in return for the manager writing off some apartment bills Gianni owes.
On the day that the manager brings over his mother, he brings his Aunt too, and wins Gianni around with some extra cash, before taking off with a young woman for 48 hours.
If Gianni thought he had a houseful of older women already, he didn't count on the local doc, also asking him to take care of his mother for 24 hours.

Gianni's patience is going to be sorely tested over a bank holiday weekend, but when it comes to the end of a long 2 days, is Gianni really going to be ready to say goodbye to his new houseguests ?

Mid-August Lunch is a delight most obviously because of the performance of writer/director Gianni Di Gregorio who brings warmth, humanity and simple patience to the role of Gianni. The film also shows how the ladies are at first at each other's throats but gradually start to enjoy each other's company. As a study of realism, Mid-August Lunch has warmth, conviviality and a joie de vivre which is a pleasure. The love of food comes tastily to the fore and the final credits complete with the cast dancing is worth waiting for. Overall pleasantly surprised and an intelligent film that should be of wide appeal.