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Not so hot

The ubiquitous Anne Hathaway (of The Devil wears Prada fame) is suddenly in several mainstream films and she’s clearly got a thing about playing parts involved in weddings ! In the recent Bride Wars she plays a bride who finds her big day is about to get ruined by her supposed best mate who is having a wedding on the same day in the same place at almost the same time.

In Jonathan Demme’s latest film Rachel getting married she plays Kym, a mixed-up sister (above, left) who returns home for the wedding of her sister Rachel in a drama where family tensions simmer constantly below the surface.

Weddings are a perfect plot device since with any family reunion you are going to get people trying to get on with each other and in the planning, there are always going to be arguments of one kind or another.

Demme shoots most of the action from the hip, with hand-held techniques, wanting to create an Altman-esque mix of angles, asides and snippets of conversation that will begin to reveal where the focus of Jeremy Lumet’s script is leading.

Do you need to see Rachel getting hitched ? Ultimately, this is a poignant tale of sibling tensions where virtually from the outset, you’re on the side of Kym, knowing that she is mixed up, that she has not had the settled upbringing that her sister has had and as a result even though she’s on the rails emotionally, you’re willing her to keep it together. This she tries to do as best she can but when the limelight is not on her, you know its going to lead to problems. It’s a well told story, and Anne Hathaway’s performance as Kym is splendid and offers a great deal even if ultimately the film doesn’t quite deliver in the same amounts - which is a pity.