Cube rating 
3/5 Cube

Director Vincenzo Natali
Writer Andre Bijelic, Vincenzo Natali, Graeme Mason
Stars Nicole deBoer, Nicky Guadagni, David Hewlett, Andrew Miller, Wayne Robson
Certificate 15
Running time 92 minutes
Country Canada
Year 1997
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Reviewed by Rishika

IF you don't mind sitting through a lot of gore than you should enjoy this prize-winning sci-fi thriller.

As with most films of this genre, a little suspension of disbelief is required to get over the premise: a handful of strangers find themselves in a bizarre maze of metallic cubes rigged to terminate them in the most gruesome of manners. Oh, and of course, they have no idea how they got there nor why they should have been selected for such a fate. The list of victims follows that old Breakfast Club tradition of the stereotypical cross-section of the population: a cop, an escape artist, a doctor, a math whiz and a few more odd bodies find themselves unexpectedly in each others' company, and decide to throw in their lots together. But have they really been arbitrarily selected by their unidentified persecutors? We don't think so, and neither do they, for long. Thus unravels the usual race-against-the-clock obstacle course in which the group must discover and exploit each person's particular talent in order to break out of the deadly maze.

Unlike the champion of such scenarios, Star Trek, this film is not so concerned with answering the "why?" that lurks in the back of our minds, which whiffs a little of the easy-way-out. The "what" and "how" are decidedly front and centre. Identifying a wide array of killing widgets is a full-time job in this movie, and represents a large portion of its inventiveness, along with the mathematically-ingenious solution to the maze. The social-commentary sideline isn't fleshed out enough to be believable, but this shouldn't deter those who are really only along for the thrill of the ride.

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