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Reviewed by Silverado

Daredevil is a rather unimaginative comic book adaptation that's mildly entertaining, but adds next to nothing to the burgeoning comic-film canon. It's also rather shoddily directed by Mark Steven Johnson, with next to no memorable moments.

Ben Affleck stars as Matt Murdock, a lawyer who was blinded in an accident as a young boy, but subsequently his remaining senses became heightened, and he became the red-clad superhero Daredevil. As an adult, he patrols Manhattan's Hell's Kitchen neighborhood, fighting the crime caused by villain Kingpin (Michael Clarke Duncan).

The problems of Daredevil are myriad - the plot is uninteresting, the cinematography ugly and hard to follow, and the production design highly unoriginal (essentially a direct knockoff of Tim Burton's Batman films). The "pseudo-vision" meant to convey how Daredevil "sees" with his other senses is unconvincing and quickly tiresome, and even Affleck's costume is laughable. Everything that was exciting, original, and fun about last year's Spider-man feature film is missing from Daredevil.

The love story between Affleck and Elektra (Jennifer Garner of TV's Alias) is charming enough, but doesn't quite achieve the epic feel for which it reaches. There's just not depth to it, and therefore we just don't care when the story reaches its denoument.

Rising Irish actor Colin Farrell is very funny (but only briefly in the movie) as maniacal villain Bullseye; the movie probably would've been more interesting had it been about his character..Jon Favreau (from Swingers) has some funny scenes as Affleck's lawyer sidekick, and Joe Pantoliano is good as a tabloid reporter.

Ben Affleck has been one of Hollywood's top stars for about six years now, but for someone of his stature it's surprising how few of his star vehicles have actually been watchable- Chasing Amy and Good Will Hunting were released in 1997, and he starred in nothing but clunkers until last year's thriller Changing Lanes.

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