Driving Lessons rating 
3/5 Driving Lessons

Director Jeremy Brock
Writer Jeremy Brock
Stars Julie Walters, Rupert Grint, Laura Linney
Certificate 15
Running time 98 minutes
Country UK
Year 2006
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Reviewed by Mostic

Driving Lessons brings together a cross-generation friendship between shy young would-be poet teenager Ben (played by Harry Potter vet Rupert Grint) goes to work for eccentric middle-aged actress Evie (Julie Walters) and gets to learn life skills that he was never going to acquire under the stranglehold of born-again repressive mum Laura (Laura Linney). Soon Evie has Ben driving her up to Edinburgh for the festival, going all-night camping and meeting young girls, much to the disgust of Mum Laura.

Julie Walters gives a typically magnetic performance as eccentric Evie and Rupert Grint gets to play a le ad that will serve him well for later. Writer-director Brock's comedy isn't going to set the world alight - it doesn't quite go over the top enough, but Julie Walters fans should enjoy her grasp of the vernacular in this mildly engaging rites-of-passage comedy.

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