Enough rating 
1/5 Enough

Director Michael Apted
Writer Nicholas Kazan
Stars Jennifer Lopez, Billy Campbell, Tessa Allen, Juliette Lewis, Dan Futterman, Noah Wyle, Fred Ward
Certificate 15
Running time 115 minutes
Country US
Year 2002
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Reviewed by Katherine Reynolds Lewis

If you pitched Enough as a made-for-TV movie the network executives would laugh you out of the room. "It's been done," they would scream. "So clich├ęd!"

Yet, somehow director Michael Apted convinced Sony Pictures to give him a feature-film budget to make this dog. Could it be superstar Jennifer Lopez in the hackneyed role of a battered wife who fights back?

I can't really fault Lopez (Slim), who does the best she can with the predictable plot from writer Nicholas Kazan. As an actress, she is surprisingly vulnerable and appealing; her performance is one of the few good things in the film. The sets are another, with homes mirroring the personality of their inhabitants, and plenty of ominous corners for bad guys to hide.

The rest of the cast does little more than fill out the stock melodrama roles: Billy Campbell as Slim's charming-yet-mercurial husband Mitch; Juliette Lewis as her wisecracking best friend Ginny; and Fred Ward as her estranged father Jupiter. The characters are so one-dimensional they'd topple over in a light breeze.

Jupiter's absence, and Slim's reaction to his abandonment, could have been developed to give some insight into her decisions, but Kazan merely plops the situation onto celluloid with no hint of introspection. This consistently shallow approach makes it impossible to believe Slim's transformation from a self-assured waitress to a meek housewife and then to a fighting-back mom defending her kid. There's no motivation or logic for why she stays with Mitch, why she leaves or why she finally decides to stand up for herself.

As a suspense film, Enough delivers a few tense moments, as Mitch and his buddies stalk Slim and when she finally turns the tables. But these action sequences and the obligatory scenes with J-Lo in spandex and tank tops are wasted. No self-respecting man would sit through this tired chick flick, and I advise women also to leave well enough alone.

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