Himalaya - L'Enfance d'un Chef rating 
5/5 Himalaya - L'Enfance d'un Chef

Director Eric Valli
Writer Eric Valli, Olivier Dazat
Stars Thilen Lhondup, Gurgon Kyap, Karma Wangiel, Lhapka Tsamchoe, Karma Tensing Nyima Lama
Certificate PG
Running time 104 minutes
Country France / Nepal / Switzerland / UK
Year 1999
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Reviewed by Salty

IMMACULATE simplicity of narrative, exotic Tibetan culture and glorious scenery make this a must-see. Director and co-writer Eric Valli tackles the timeless and difficult dilemma of choosing what is best for society while looking out for the rights of our descendants.

When the chief Lhakpa is brought home dead by his friend Karma, Lhakpa's father Tinle suspects foul play. Tinle wants to do all he can to ensure that his young grandson Tsering will grow up to become chief when he is old enough.

In a village of less than 100 people, in unforgiving mountains, the struggle between Tinle and Karma forces the villagers to choose sides. Demons await those who are rash. Yet throughout Tsering looks up to Karma, a strong, if impulsive leader, and seeks his instruction.

We move from dark huts of the village, to the bright mysteries of a monastery. Then out into the mountains and the snow where resolution barely arrives before death. The handling of the conflict between these two headstrong men is masterful. Both men are deeply concerned that the best is done for their people. But what is best? A dilemma that loses none of its relevance by being in a different culture.

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