The Quiet Family rating 
4/5 The Quiet Family

Director Kim Ji-Woon
Writer Kim Ji-Woon
Stars Song Kang-Ho, Pak In-Hwan, Na Moon-Hee, Choi Min-Sik
Certificate NC
Running time 98 minutes
Country Korea
Year 1998
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Reviewed by Rachel

BLOODY humour, omens of doom, family lunacy, and a trail of dead bodies are the essential components in this campy Korean black comedy set to the frantic pace of rockabilly and other poppy American tunes.

The apparently innocuous Kang family reside in Misty Lodge housing guests, cleaning, cooking, and maintaining a simple way of life. That is until they find the dead body in room 203.

What happens next is absurdly comical, as father, uncle and son frantically dispose of the corpse in the woods. This hasty act foreshadows the bloody fate of each subsequent lodger that checks in. The humour lies in the inadvertent circumstances surrounding each death. At first they are accidental. But as the body count rises there seems to be no limit to what the family will do to avoid being found out.

"The Quiet Family" is comically brilliant. It is also a ruthless presentation of the selfishness of human nature. The dynamic of the family proves to be nothing more than a larger manifestation of this.

Set in a context particular to Korean culture, director Kim Ji- Woon's message remains universal. He leaves understatement at the wayside, allowing us to laugh whole-heartedly at the family's farcical attempts to keep everything together when life is unravelling at the seams.

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