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Theatrical Documentary Distribution: Jeff Sackman, THINKFilm, and Bill Banning, Roxie Releasing

North American indie film distributors Jeff Sackman of THINKFilm and Bill Banning of Roxie Releasing say that the theatrical documentary is a slippery fish.

VIFF Trade Forum - Canadian Film Financing

Canadian financiers agree their film producers need more money for domestic productions. But where to find it...?

Vancouver International Film Festival reviews and previews

Films examining man, the land, and cultural identity at Vancouver Film Festival touch on themes close to home in this West Coast city.The Vancouver International Film Festival gets under way this week. Of the films that I've had a chance to preview, one theme that is cropping up is the land and the way that our culture and identity feeds off it.

Jason Biggs on Guy X

Jason Biggs on going stir crazy on a US military base in Greenland for Guy X.

London International Film Festival preview

Picking through the 49th London Film Festival.

Anne Coates and Kevin Tent on Editing Movies

Lawrence of Arabia editor Anne Coates and Sideways editor Kevin Tent share insights into their work.

Oliver Hirschbiegel on Downfall

Q&A with German director of Downfall, Oliver Hirschbiegel in anticipation of the DVD release of his harrowing account of Hitler’s last days in the Berlin bunker.

Vancouver International Film Festival Trade Forum celebrates 20th

Neil LaBute and Catherine Hardwicke among guests at 4-day industry get-together.

Plenty of West In Vancouver Fest

Western Canadian filmmakers to the fore at VIFF 2005; fewer films in Dragons and Tigers line-up.

Vancouver Fest Launches New Film Centre

Purpose-built cinema centre marks dawn of new era for Vancouver International Film Festival.