Interview with Youngest Ever Nominee for Best Female Actor Oscar

For New Zealander Keisha Castle-Hughes, a potential Oscar nomination was the furthest thing from her mind when she attended last year’s Sundance Film Festival. Come Oscar night, her ambition to be a science teacher may fall through.

The Oscar Effect

There's no doubting Oscar's effect on us.The Oscars mean...

Studios hold back their best until the Academy Awards draw close.

Lord of the Rings Makes Clean Sweep at Oscars

Lord of the Rings joined Ben Hur and Titanic in the record books by winning 11 Oscars out of a possible 11, at the 2004 Academy Awards. (Oscar winners are in italics.)

Julia Roberts Sets Limits

Julia Roberts says no to Cock, yes to romance, but first you’ll see her in women’s lib drama Mona Lisa Smile.

Super Size Me and The Corporation attract controversy at Sundance

To generate publicity for your documentary it doesn’t hurt to stick your neck - or stomach - out. At least, not too far...

Albert Finney: A Big Fish

Albert Finney, star of Tim Burton's Big Fish, shares insights into a career spanning four decades.

Uma Thurman on Paycheck and Kill Bill

Star of John Woo’s Paycheck and Tarantino’s Kill Bill accepts life is give and take.

Moulding the Documentary Story

Three filmmakers share insights into the process of developing a documentary.

Book review: From Reel to Deal - Everything You Need to Create a Successful Independent Film

Let maverick film instructor Dov S-S Simens take you to filmmaking bootcamp with his book, From Reel to Deal - Everything You Need to Create a Successful Independent Film

Films To Look Out For in 2004

More of the same?