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Vancouver International Film Festival Trade Forum celebrates 20th

Neil LaBute and Catherine Hardwicke among guests at 4-day industry get-together.

Plenty of West In Vancouver Fest

Western Canadian filmmakers to the fore at VIFF 2005; fewer films in Dragons and Tigers line-up.

Vancouver Fest Launches New Film Centre

Purpose-built cinema centre marks dawn of new era for Vancouver International Film Festival.

iofilm awards 2004

Awards season is upon us! iofilm reviewers offer their highlights and low points of 2004...

2005 Film Preview

Sequels and remakes look likely to dominate headlines in 2005, again.

McLibel Filmmaker Jams the Dam

DV documentary captures the spirit of grass-roots activism with the Sardar Sarovar dam project in India.

Video Blog Salam Pax - the Baghdad Blogger

Salam Pax had no filmmaking experience when he started his video blogs from Iraq. It didn't matter.

William Karel on The World According to Bush

Time is running out to get the French Fahrenheit 9/11 on air.

Vancouver Sets Sights On "Changing the World"

Documentaries to the fore at 23rd Vancouver International Film Festival.

EIFF 2004 Diary: Award Winners

Uplifting tale of 24-year-old cerebral palsy sufferer wins audience award in Edinburgh.