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Comedy Film Project for Women Launched

By Matthew Arnoldi - Posted on 20 October 2008

Warp X and Birds Eye View announced a collaboration today designed to conjure up great scripts that will hopefully eventually be turned into decent feature comedies, scripted by some of the best known females in stand-up comedy.

"Last Laugh: Women Create Comedy" is an initiative to draw on diverse talent and encourage them to create a series of smart funny feature films that would go into production in 2010.

The kind of comedians getting involved in the project are: Sally Phillips (Smack the Pony), Lucy Porter (Mock the Week), Hayley Atwell (The Duchess), Kate Hardie (Casualty & other acting roles), Olivia Poulet (Killing me Softly), Jill Parker (Tittytitty bang bang), Kay Stonham (writer, My Family), Francesca Martinez (stand-up), Pippa Evans (stand-up) and Catherine Shepherd (It's Harry and Paul).

The idea is that all the women above will be whisked off to a country hotel retreat in Wiltshire over the first weekend in November, where they will sit down and collaborate on funny ideas that could later find fruition in funny film scripts.

The likes of Skillset, Optimum, Warp X and Birds Eye View would then listen to the pitches conjured up and hopefully greenlight some of the projects into fully fledged feature comedies.

Of course, if you think of many classic Brit film comedies - many of them are written by men. For instance Passport to Pimlico (T E B Clarke) or The Ladykillers (William Rose) or closer to home Love Actually (Richard Curtis), but that's not to say there are aren't also some great female writers of comedy out there, just take a look for instance at the work of Dawn French on many TV comedies, or Helen Fielding who scripted Bridget Jones' Diary or J K Rowling's creation of the Harry Potter books.

Warp X and Birds Eye View though, appear to have come up with a unique idea - to pool the resources of women in stand-up and enable them to collaborate with some of our best known actresses to see if new ideas can come out of it. In a few years time, we might well be sitting proudly admiring some decent brit comedies written by the pool of talent above. You can only wish them well and hope great ideas spring forth out of the wilds of Wiltshire.