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Raindance awards Prize winners as 2009 Fest draws to a close

The 2009 Raindance Film Festival drew to a close with the screening of Steven Soderbergh's film "The Girlfriend Experience" on the evening of Sunday 11 October.

Four Oscars for Coen Brothers

No Country For Old Men is big winner on Oscar night 2008.It was the Coen brothers' night as they scooped the Best Picture, Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay awards at the Oscars last night.

Oscar's Accountants Take Spotlight

The Academy likes Oltmanns and Rosas, the secretive agents of Oscar, to be safe and dull.Monty Python's sketch about the chartererd accountant who wanted to become a lion tamer (watch on YouTube) may have had fun sending up this "dull, dull, dull" profession.

The Oscars voting system

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences ballot system is still done in the same way as it was in 1936 - by hand.

This is a description of how the Academy decides Oscar-winners.

Vancouver International Film Festival 2007 Awards

Iranian animated feature, eco-docs from around the world, and local trans-sexual's autobio are voted most popular at VIFF 2007

Oscar Winners 2007

It's been a long wait for Martin Scorsese, but with The Departed the New York director finally has a little gold man for his mantlepiece.

Vancouver International Film Festival Awards 2006

East German period thriller with a soft centre wins the international Audience Award.

Cannes Film Festival Announces Films In Competition

The Da Vinci Code to open the French film festival.

Crash Wins at Oscars 2006

Gay cowboy film is also-ran for Best Film Oscar. Wallace, Gromit and Rachel Weisz keeping up the Brits side.

Golden Globe Winners 2006

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association votes Brokeback Mountain Best Film.