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The art and craft of making movies

Filmmaker Squares Off Against Wal-Mart

The PR guns are blazing in anticipation of Outfoxed filmmaker Robert Greenwald's new feature about world's biggest retailer.

Neil LaBute: Rules Are For Breaking

The dry-humoured scribe of In The Company of Men and next year's Wicker Man on screenwriting.

More VIFF Trade Forum highlights

Coen's production designer Dennis Gassner, Thirteen director Catherine Hardwicke and insights into making a movie trailer.

Television Screenwriting By West Wing Writer Michael Oates Palmer

Tips from Michael Oates Palmer, whose writing credits include The West Wing, on starting out in television screenwriting.

Theatrical Documentary Distribution: Jeff Sackman, THINKFilm, and Bill Banning, Roxie Releasing

North American indie film distributors Jeff Sackman of THINKFilm and Bill Banning of Roxie Releasing say that the theatrical documentary is a slippery fish.

VIFF Trade Forum - Canadian Film Financing

Canadian financiers agree their film producers need more money for domestic productions. But where to find it...?

Anne Coates and Kevin Tent on Editing Movies

Lawrence of Arabia editor Anne Coates and Sideways editor Kevin Tent share insights into their work.

Book review: Get Your Documentary Funded and Distributed

It's easier than ever to make a film, which is why you need all the help you can in the competition for funding and distribution.

Review: Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5

How does the "pro" video editing software shape up?

Review: Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 (Part 2)

Organising and editing footage in Premiere Pro.