Haut les Coeurs rating 
2.5/5 Haut les Coeurs

Director Solveig Anspach
Stars Karin Viard, Laurent Lucas, Julie Cottereau, Claire Wauthion
Certificate NC
Country France
Year 1999
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Reviewed by Salty

"HAUT Les Coeur" deals with pregnancy and cancer in urban France. Emma (Karin Viard) has chosen to get pregnant. Her partner Simon (Laurent Lucas) is unhappy, both at not being consulted and at the commitment it involves.

Then Emma discovers a lump in her breast, and we are swept along a sad yet predictable path where everyone deserves sympathy and tries their best.

Her doctor tells Emma that chemo and radiation therapy are not compatible with pregnancy. Simon suggests a second opinion. We are then taken through a large hospital with "mass-processing" seemingly stamped on the walls. Yet it's here that a caring team effort with various specialists is introduced. The baby is delivered early and healthy and Emma probably has a few years to live.

Why is it that I can shed tears one moment and feel I already know what's coming the next? If you haven't previously been exposed to the harsh realities of cancer and the imminent possibility of death then this film will feel much stronger.

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