The Honeymooners rating 
3/5 The Honeymooners

Director Karl Golden
Writer Karl Golden
Stars Alex Reid, Jonathan Byrne, Justine Mitchell, Conor Mullen, Mark Mulholland, Philip Young, Tom Collins
Certificate 15
Running time 85 minutes
Country Ireland/UK
Year 2003
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Reviewed by Mostic

We follow the trail of a bridegroom, jilted at his wedding, who, in desperation, takes off into the wilds of the country to cope with his despair. On the way, he bumps into a waitress, who is trying to escape a married lover.

Initially, they are strangers, looking for time alone to sort out their lives, but gradually find friendship and a shared sense of being shat upon by the world at large.

The question is, will they go further? What if the bride makes a reappearance ?

This is a reasonable romantic comedy drama, not dissimilar to Along Came Polly. It was shot in 18 days around Dublin and in Northern Ireland on digital video, although none the worse for that, since it feels perfectly believable.

Much of the camerawork is handheld dogme-style, which gives the film an authentic raw quality and emphasizes the fact that director Karl Golden is interested in performance and the strength of his two leads to carry the story, which they do.

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