Lola and Bilidikid rating 
4/5 Lola and Bilidikid

Director Kutlug Ataman
Writer Kutlug Ataman
Stars Gandi Mukli, Erdal Yildiz, Baki Davrak, Inge Keller, Celal Perk, Mesut Ozdemir
Certificate 18
Country Germany
Year 1998
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Reviewed by Salty

IF YOU thought it hard coming out as gay, imagine also being a transvestite and Turkish living in Berlin. "Lola and Billidikid" focuses on a community with all of the above.

Bili (Erdal Yediz) is a tough hustler. He gets blown, they pay; although he doesn't always make that clear... until after. Lola (Gandi Mukli) is his transvestite 'girlfriend' and dances in a club. Both are baited by a group of young Germans looking to show off their superiority to the Turks.

Murat is school age young, gay and living with his mother and brother in a world far from encounters in toilets and transvestite clubs. He too gets flack for not being German (though born there).

Kutlag Atman gradually brings together the lives of Bili and Lola with that of Murat with humour and insight. Murat discovers he has a transvestite brother and. Going to the club to meet her/him, Murat laughs at the drag and the dancing tv's. Being different becomes acceptable. Although when Bili asks Lola to surgically become a woman so they can marry, Lola responds that "then she wouldn't be the man he'd fallen in love with". It is both a good line and an expression of the difficulty of retaining one's identity while others try to manoeuvre to their taste.

Not so laced with gay action that it will put off straight audiences. An enjoyable look at gender, racism and family.

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