Vancouver International Film Festival 2006 Sounds Alarm Bells

The 25th Vancouver International Film Festival launches its program.

DVD Insider - Deep Blue, Sea of Change

As the BD and HD DVD camps battle it out, most of us will continue happily consuming our movies on DVD for a while yet.

DVD Insider - The Real Pirates

The movie industry continues to ratchet up anti-piracy security, but how well is it working and should it steer a different course?

Sporty Stormbreaker Star Relished Role's Physical Side

Alex Pettyfer plays Alex Rider in Stormbreaker, the first in a movie franchise recounting the adventures of the teenage spy hero of Anthony Horowitz’s bestselling novels.

Anthony Horowitz on Adapting Stormbreaker For The Screen

Stormbreaker writer Anthony Horowitz shares some insights into adapting his teen spy novel for the big screen.

Stormbreaker Director On Locations

Director Geoffrey Sax talks about Stormbreaker locations - real, adapted, or recreated with the help of a green screen.

ADS Tech Pyro A/V Link With Adobe Elements 2.0 Review

Inexpensive analogue to DV converter allows digitising of old videotapes and analogue media.

Archive clips - Mike Figgis on Liebestraum and Isle of Iona

Mike Figgis talks about the preview of Liebestraum and a short clip shot on the small Scottish isle of Iona Both of these clips are many years old and were only recently digitised to help illustrate my review of ADS Tech's Pyro Link, an analogue video to DV convertor.

Withnail Star Draws On Colonial Past In Wah Wah

Richard E Grant on the dramas he experienced in his directorial debut from "producer meltdown" in Swaziland to directing his daughter's first screen kiss.

Stock Market Technician Sees Growing Appetite For Horror Movies

How are a medieval mathematician, the petals on a daisy, and the length of women's skirts related to scarier frighteners at the box office?In the last few years, we have entered a fertile era for horror movies.