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Film Review Sometimes the worst criminal is yourself Matthew Arnoldi 24 May 2010
Film Review Sin Nombre or 'without a name' Matthew Arnoldi 8 September 2009
Film Review Likeable Spanish comedy from Woody Allen Matthew Arnoldi 2 March 2009
Film Review Darkly comic story of supernatural self-help Al Innes 27 June 2010
Film Review Student uprisings of La Sorbonne '68 revisited Matthew Arnoldi 24 September 2009
Film Review Multicultural France through 4 walls of a classroom RA 14 May 2009
Film Review Too bland for my liking RA 17 June 2009
Film Review Artful working class Brit flick RA 17 March 2010
Film Review Former Brit PM with skeletons in the cupboard? Surely not! Matthew Arnoldi 6 May 2010
Film Review Beautifully rendered animation, although nostlagic story is slight RA 15 June 2010
Film Review US Immigration system under the spotlight Matthew Arnoldi 2 March 2009
Film Review Freeman is great. Rugby scenes are dull. RA 13 November 2010
Film Review Going the distance Matthew Arnoldi 7 September 2010
Film Review Beautifully told story about a life lived in reverse Matthew Arnoldi 2 March 2009
Film Sin Nombre Matthew Arnoldi 15 August 2009
Film Vicky Christina Barcelona Matthew Arnoldi 1 2 March 2009
Film The Illusionist RA 15 June 2010
Film The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus RA 12 October 2009
Film The Secret of Kells iofilm 6 April 2010
Film Spread RA 22 June 2009
Film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button RA 2 March 2009
Film Cemetery Junction Matthew Arnoldi 18 April 2010
Film Moon RA 1 17 June 2009
Film Bad Lieutenant : Port of Orleans Matthew Arnoldi 24 May 2010
Film The Black Balloon RA 1 25 February 2009